Where to get help

Title: Need help about something specific? Content: you can ask me, but who else do you trust (followed by three boxes: 1: orange background with 'your parents or carer?' in white text 2.purple background with 'a teacher?' in white text 3. green background with 'your family doctor (GP)?' in white text. You can get confidential medical advice and treatment including contraception, tests for sexually transmitted infections and abortion under the age of 16. The doctor or nurse won't tell your parents unless they think you or someone else is at risk, and even then they will ask your permission first. Image of brick wall with sign with blue background and white text. Text is white arrow followed by 'Sexual health clinic' Bottom of box has image of two drawn hands holding at the wrist.  Hands have a black outline with white fill, on one arm 'Help is at hand' is written in red.
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