Being pressured to have sex? Here’s what to say.

They say 1) Don't you fancy me? 2) My friends think we should have done it by now. 3) We don't need to use a condom 4) Let's just get it over with 5) If you loved me you'd want to do it. 6) If we don't do it soon, I'll explode 7) But you're 16.You say 1) Yes, but i respect you too. You're gorgeous, but i want to know you better 2) They don't know what's best for us. You should care more about what I think. 3) I'm not ready to be a parent and I don't want to risk getting an infection. 4) If we wait until we're ready it'll be much better 5) It's because I love you that I want to wait. If you loved me you wouldn't say that 6) You need biology's not bad for you to wait. 7) Just because it's legal doesn't mean I have to. I'll decide when I'm ready.
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