Help – I’ve been dumped.

TEXT IN BOX READS: Title: How to handle getting dumped like a boss Let yourself be sad, but try not to dwell on it.  Or at least not for too long... Spend time with others who care about you and can make you smile/ feed you chocolate.  Get out there and do all the fun things you can do now that you probably wouldn't have done as part of a couple. Try not to obsess about your ex.  Keeping a health distance will probably help you get over them (& social media stalking them DEFINITELY WON'T Don't be tempted to share images you might have of them, without their permission. BAD IDEA, step away from the phone... Remember, if they don't want to be with you then a) tjhey're not the one for you, and b) they're a fool Hold your head up and know that you are amazing, and that plenty of other people do (& will in future) know that.List of tips for how to handle being dumped.  Striped box with white text.  Under the heading is an image of a tabby cat walking proudly on it's hind legs (strutting).  Small stash logo on bottom right of box  White stars indicate a new bullet point
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